Nating produces conventional and organic botanical extracts (dry, soluble, fluid, glyceric), extracts with preclinical and in-vitro studies and spray-dried fruit/vegetable for the food, nutraceutical and dietary sectors.

Nating ingredients are used for the production of capsules, tablets, syrups, sachets but also snacks, ice creams, baked goods, baby food, readymade meals, sauces/soups, desserts, creams and instant drinks.

The Nating plant extracts and spray-dried fruit/vegetable are 100% natural ingredients that can be included in formulations to enhance them from the point of view of nutritional intake, taste and colour, without the use of chemical or synthetic substances.

Taste, as well as solubility and colour can be modified to meet the customer’s needs, while keeping the nutritional profile unchanged. In this way, with the use of Nating natural ingredients, it is possible to have a clean label.