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Botanical extracts without maltodextrin with preclinical studies on diabetes and glycemic index.

A focus on the health and well-being of people with a new line of botanical extracts based on Buckwheat (BuckNat®) as functional matrix: botanical extracts naturally rich in fiber and mineral salts, with high satiating powder but low glycemic index. The use of NatIng buckwheat as functional matrix to support extracts is a new and valid alternative to the conventional maltodextrin.

This allows us to prepare plant extracts with a reduced glycaemic impact, considering that diabetes is a metabolic disease preventable through a healthy lifestyle, which, according to WHO estimates, affects 422 million people worldwide.

In Italy alone, the National Statistics Institute (ISTAT) reported that 4.9% of the population suffered from diabetes in 2010, equal to around 2.960.000 people. More recent data from the latest ISTAT surveys in 2016 shows a percentage increase in diabetics, reporting that 5.3% of the entire population, equal to over 3.200.000 people, claims to be suffering from the disease.


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Latin name: Cynara scolymus & Fagopyrum esculentum


Latin name: Olea europaea & Fagopyrum esculentum


Latin name: Eruca sativa & Fagopyrum esculentum


Latin name: Origanum vulgare & Fagopyrum esculentum


Latin name: Rosmarinus officinalis & Fagopyrum esculentum


Latin name: Salvia officinalis & Fagopyrum esculentum


Latin name: Silybum marianum & Fagopyrum esculentum


Latin name: Curcuma longa & Fagopyrum esculentum