Our functional carriers for low glycemic extracts

In addition to traditional botanical extracts, NatIng focuses on innovation developing unique functional matrix for nutraceutical and functional food industry: AmaChol® (Amaranthus caudatus) and BuckNat® (Fagopyrum esculentum).

Pseudo cereals buckwheat of BuckNat® and amaranth of AmaChol® are particularly effective as ingredients alone or as carriers instead of classic maltodextrins to create healthy products with low GI suitable for everyone.

Our extraction process uses a special and unique DEFS® technology system which avoid chemical solvents apart from water and ethanol.

The customer can choose between different functional carriers and more than 100 botanical extracts and spray-dried ingredients according to his needs.



Maltodextrin vs AmaChol® vs BuckNat®
Maltodextrin AmaChol® BuckNat®
Carbohydrates 90-95% 5,75% 1,56%
Fat 0-1% 0,91% 0,29%
Protein 0-1% 3,81% 3,11%
Minerals 3-5%
Fiber 78,50% 85%
Energy value (Kcal/100 gr) 409 203 191,29
Energy value (KJ/100 gr) 1711 824 770

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