CaffShock® is a vegetable phytocomplex of 5 plants: green coffee, guaranà, green tea, maca and mate.

It is obtained with our unique DEFS® technology system that doesn’t use chemical solvents but just water and ethanol.


  • Reduces the accumulation of fat in a high calories meal
  • Has tonic and thermogenic effect
  • Reduces physical and mental fatigue
  • high anti-inflammatory activity
  • Adaptogen and antistress
  • Helps weight loss aid and has antioxidant activity


Clinical studies

NT 260x200 2To supply customers with quality and effectiveness, as well as scientific innovation, Nating collaborates with Italian Universities to set up studies directly on the product.

Anti inflammatory activity:

We know how important it is to act on inflammation in a dysmetabolic condition.

The release of inflammatory cytokines IL6 and monocytes was significantly inhibited by CaffShock®


Activity on the weight loss:

CaffShock® inhibits the accumulation of triglycerides and promotes the elimination of fats from the adipose tissue.

The results of studies show a stimulatory effect of CaffShock® in pre adipocytes cells in increasing the expression of genes typical of brown adipose tissue. This effect therefore favors the "reprogramming" of the adipocytes making them able to partially dissipate the absorbed fats in heat, with a consequent decrease in absorbed fat and accumulation of triglycerides.



CaffShock® is a valid preparation to add in formulations of nutraceutical or functional products for overweight subjects or subjects with metabolic disease, to reduce the accumulation of fat in adipose tissue and to promote a thermogenic action.

Thanks to its very high solubility, it is simple to add in the composition of your final products: sachets, capsules, tablets, hot & cold beverages, teas, instant drinks, yogurt, ice-creams, snacks.



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