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We are proud to present the renewed line of organic Nating extracts: the organic extracts come from organic agriculture, a cultivation system that uses agricultural methods that aim to safeguard nature and the environment.

Organic agriculture aims to minimize external inputs, preserving the natural fertility of the soil and making the most of the mechanisms and natural balances.
Organic agriculture strictly prohibits the use of mineral fertilizers, systemic pesticides and all chemical synthesis herbicides and pesticides. Organic agriculture prohibits the use of genetically produced seeds and plants. The use of GMOs is also prohibited in the production of technical means, fertilizers and pesticides used in the fields.
More attention to the environment around us and more attention to the materials used in production: a careful selection aimed at choosing only the best that nature can offer; an attention that is reflected in every production step, from the selection of the BIO raw material to the production of the final extract intended for sale: an organic extract produced in Italy, in a company certified not only BIO but also GMP, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, Kosher and Vegan.
Why BIO? Because healthy, because genuine, because simply natural. Because marrying the BIO philosophy means relying on nature and respecting it. BIO because it means greater respect and love for all that surrounds us.