Special gluten free amaranth with studies on diabetes and cholesterol
AmaChol® is our amaranth functional carrier obtained with our unique DEFS® technology system that doesn’t use chemical solvents but just water and ethanol. AmaChol® represents a good option for nutraceutical and food formulations with low glycemic index.


AmaChol® is made with amaranth, a pseudo cereal with a high protein content, a well-balanced amino acid profile with 8 essential amino acids and high levels of lysine, which is unique compared to other grains. Thanks to its low glycemic index (GI: 35), large content of fiber and high amount of manganese, AmaChol® represents a good option for regulating sugar levels for correcting hyperglycemia as part of a healthy nutritional approach. Amaranth grain contains mainly unsaturated fats omega-6 fatty acid (25–62%) and omega-3 fatty acid (0.3–2.2%), squalene, quercetin and phenolic acids with relatively high antioxidant activity.
Maltodextrin vs AmaChol®
Maltodextrin AmaChol®
Carbohydrates 90-95% 5,75%
Fat 0-1% 0,91%
Protein 0-1% 3,81%
Minerals 3-5%
Fiber 78,50%
Energy value (Kcal/100 gr) 409 203,43
Energy value (KJ/100 gr) 1711 824


  • Low glycemic index carrier for your functional ingredients
  • Significantly inhibits the intestinal absorption of cholesterol
  • High protein digestibility
  • Hight in proteins and well balancing amino acids
  • Contains omega-3 and omega-6
  • Gluten free and suitable for celiac
  • Produced using our DEFS® technology system
  • Totally allergen free


AmaChol® can be used both as a single ingredient and as an alternative carrier to maltodextrin in combination with other extracts to create the perfect nutraceutical or food product with a low glycemic index for subjects with insulin resistance or metabolic diseases. AmaChol® is suitable for celiac and perfect for food supplements, hot and cold beverages, energy drinks, snacks, savory, bakery. AmaChol® is an excellent nutraceutical choice for a healthier life and better performance for athletes, vegans, vegetarians, children and those persons that had acquired allergies, have celiac disease or need more easily digestible proteins.

Test and scientific evidence

The quality of AmaChol® has been confirmed by in vitro pre-clinical studies by best Italian Universities*: AmaChol® has a lower glycemic index compared to maltodextrin. The results of studies conducted on the product show a significant reduction in insulin secretion of 63,4% by AmaChol® compared to maltodextrin. The results obtained from the experimental tests demonstrated the ability of AmaChol® to significantly inhibit the intestinal absorption of cholesterol by 69% compared to maltodextrin