Special buckwheat with studies on diabetes and low GI
BuckNat® is an alternative carrier to maltodextrin, it’s a gluten-free pseudo cereal (Fagopyrum esculentum). BuckNat® is a nutrient-rich healthy food clinically tested for its low glycemic index. It’s 100 % soluble powder obtained with our unique DEFS® technology system that doesn’t use chemical solvents.


BuckNat® is made with buckwheat, a pseudo cereal with low-calories, rich in flavonoids, fatty acids, polysaccharides, amino acids, dietary fiber, resistant starch, vitamins of group B and minerals. Buckwheat proteins have unique amino acid composition with special biological activities of cholesterol-lowering effects and antihypertensition effects.
Maltodextrin vs BuckNat®
Maltodextrin BuckNat®
Carbohydrates 90-95% 1,56%
Fat 0-1% 0,29%
Protein 0-1% 3,11%
Minerals 3-5%
Fiber 85%
Energy value (Kcal/100 gr) 409 191,29
Energy value (KJ/100 gr) 1711 770


Low glycemic index carrier for your functional ingredients Suitable for the formulation of products for subjects with insulin resistance and diabetes Fulfills amino acids recommendation for daily adult intake showing no limiting amino acid. Source of fiber Rich in vitamins of group B and flavonoids High polyphenolic content and antioxidant capacity Suitable for celiac Produced using our DEFS® technology system Totally allergen free May contribute to the development of novel gluten-free products like bread, cookies, or pasta.


BuckNat® can be used both as a single ingredient and as a carrier in combination with other extracts to create the perfect nutraceutical or food product with a low glycemic index and suitable for celiac. Perfect for food supplements, hot and cold beverages, energy drinks, snacks, savory, bakery.

Test and scientific evidence

The great quality of BuckNat® has been confirmed by in vitro pre-clinical studies by best Italian Universities: BuckNat® has a lower glycemic index compared to maltodextrin (GI 40 instead of 95) and after gastro-duodenal digestion it caused the release of 18% less glucose than maltodextrin. The results of different studies conducted on the product show a significant reduction in insulin secretion of 77.8% by BuckNat® compared to maltodextrin. Thanks to NatIng DEFS® technology system, BuckNat® preserves macro and microelements and essential trace elements typical of this pseudo cereal (Buckwheat).