New ingredient with preclinical studies on thermogenesis and weight loss
CaffShock® is a vegetable phytocomplex of 5 plants, obtained with our unique DEFS® technology system that doesn’t use chemical solvents but just water and ethanol. CaffShock® is 100 % soluble powder.


CaffShock® is a vegetable phytocomplex of 5 plants: green coffee, guaranà, green tea, maca and mate. Caffshock® is naturally rich in caffeine, chlorogenic acid and polyphenols.

Many controlled studies in humans show that caffeine improves various aspects of brain function, including memory, mood, vigilance, energy levels and general mental function; on the other hand chlorogenic acid and polyphenols have anxiolytic effects and antioxidant activity.


  • Reduces the accumulation of fat in a high calorie meal
  • Tonic and thermogenic effect
  • Physical and mental fatigue
  • Adaptogen and antistress
  • Weight loss aid Antioxidant activity
  • Free radical scavenger


CaffShock® is made in Italy and thanks to its very high solubility, it is simple to add in the composition of your final products: sachets, capsules, tablets, hot & cold beverages, teas, instant drinks, yogurt, ice-creams, snacks. CaffShock® is a valid preparation to add in formulations of nutraceutical or functional products for overweight subjects or subjects with metabolic disease, to reduce the accumulation of fat in adipose tissue and to promote a thermogenic action.

Test and scientific evidence

The results of studies conducted on the product demonstrate the ability of the CaffShock® to reduce the accumulation of triglycerides in pre-adipocytes human cells, even in the presence of an excessive caloric intake with meal. An excessive accumulation of triglycerides, in fact, in addition to increasing fat mass, enhance the risk of developing atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. CaffShock® demonstrates also to have a thermogenic effect, useful in reducing body fat mass.