For the metabolism of lipids and sugars
OpunCherry® is a plant phytocomplex for the metabolism of sugars and the drainage of liquids. In OpunCherry® the cherry stalks are combined with Opuntia, rich in soluble fiber with a hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic action.


OpunCherry® is an extract based on cherry stalks (Prunus cerasus) and Opuntia ficus indica (Nopal). Opuntia is rich in soluble fiber with a hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic action. It contributes to fat metabolism and helps in nutritional pathways aimed at weight control, reducing appetite and caloric intake. OpunCherry® exhibits antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and may reveal beneficial effects on both lipid and glucose metabolism, in the treatment of metabolic disorders, including diabetes and obesity. Furthermore, the basic components of OpunCherry® have proven effective in the therapy of IBD to reduce the secretion of inflammatory mediators, modulate the barrier dysfunction and the alteration of intestinal permeability.


Satiating, useful for weight control
Regulation of glucose and lipid absorption
Source of soluble dietary fiber
Hypoglycemic and lipid-lowering action
Draining and antioxidant capacity
Free radical Scavenger


The cherry peduncles and the prickly pear plant both have health claims recognized and admitted by the Ministry of Health (Annex 1-Botanicals of the DM 10 August 2018): drainage of body fluids, balance of body weight, modulation of the absorption of nutrients, emollient / soothing action on the digestive system and intestinal regularity.


OpunCherry® can be used as an ingredient to formulate a nutraceutical for metabolic syndrome. OpunCherry®, combined with AmaChol®, for a synergistic and complete effect.

OpunCherry® is indicated for:

people with weight problems, diabetes or with insulin resistance due to its low glycemic index
those suffering from celiac disease because it is gluten-free
those who have problems with swelling, water retention and cellulite blemishes
who wants to defeat nervous hunger


The anti-hyperglycemic properties of OpunCherry® have been investigated in various studies: this effect is due to the reduction of the intestinal absorption of glucose, but also to some insulin-like compounds which determine this effect.