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Preclinical study

To supply customers with quality and effectiveness, as well as scientific innovation, NatIng collaborates with Italian Universities to set up studies directly on the product, to analyze botanical extracts obtained from pseudo cereals for what concerns their functional properties, starch composition, phenolic and flavonoid content, and their effect on glycemic index (GI).


BuckNat® and AmaChol®

Studies have demonstrated that as a result of digestion, BuckNat® releases less glucose than maltodextrin and does not directly raise blood glucose (glycemic index).


Thanks to low glycemic index and large content of fiber, AmaChol® and BuckNat® represent a good option for nutraceuticals and functional products to be proposed as adjuvants in a nutritional plan aimed at improving metabolic values and heath conditions.

AmaChol® also shows the ability to reduce the absorption of total cholesterol compared to maltodextrin



Clinical studies on CaffShock® have demonstrates its ability to reduce triglycerides and brown fat cells accumulation and consequently its slimming effect.

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Funtional matrix
Suitable for celiac


Prevention and management
of the metabolic syndrome


functional matrix
Low glycemic index


Tonic and thermogenic effect
Weight loss