The excellence of the Nating production core is guaranteed by the PCR® Professional Climatic Room system, which guarantees the quality of Nating plant extracts and natural ingredients as if they were pharmaceutical grade products.

The PCR® stability rooms are unique in terms of accuracy and temperature uniformity thanks to a pre-filtration suction line, with a range that can be modulated from 20°C ± 2°C.

A carefully designed system provides for the filtering of contaminated air with a filtration efficiency of 95-98% and the reintroduction of clean air into the premises. The system has been equipped with a section of active carbon filters to prevent problems of contamination in the products and a complete abatement of odours (strongly aromatic substances). In addition to the PCR® system, there is also a line of sanitising routes, which guarantee the highest levels of safety and quality standards similar to those required in the pharmaceutical sector.