In the nutraceutical market it is really important to give value to cutting-edge technologies and quality standards, since products have an impact on people’s health and well-being.


DEFS® (Dynamic Enhancer Flow System) is the particular extraction process that activates the phytocomplex of plant extracts and which characterizes NatIng products. The vegetative parts are activated under certain strictly defined conditions and parameters, releasing the phytonutrients found in NatIng products. The particular and unique DEFS® production process draws inspiration from ultrasound methods and technologies, which are integrated by rigorous standardized controls for monitoring of frequency, pressure, temperature, pH. NatIng DEFS® method brings the presence of macro and microelements, macronutrients and essential trace elements into the plant extracts, tested and guaranteed by chemical analyzes carried out on the finished product. NatIng thus produces natural ingredients with high impact and value for health and well-being.

Thanks to cutting-edge equipment and techniques, NatIng has obtained quality certifications which are tangible proof of its dedication to reliability, quality and safety.


Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a manufacturing practice that helps to ensure a quality product. Nating is a GMP certified company with strictly monitored manufacturing facilities and manufacturing processe.


ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is one of the most important quality certifications for the production processes. ISO 9001 is one of the best known quality management standards. NatIng also obtained:

Organic - BIO

NatIng has chosen the organic certification for a line of its plant extracts. The general principles concern production methods, the use of natural resources and strict restrictions on the use of synthetic chemicals.

Organic farming preserves the natural fertility of the soil, severely prohibits the use of mineral fertilizers, chemically synthesized pesticides and herbicides, which damage not only the environment around us, but also our health.

The organic line was created to guarantee safe, clean and quality extracts.

In addition to the certified extracts already present, it is possible to develop and produce BIO extracts on demand.

The vegan brand is one of the most sought-after self-certifications in the nutritional sector since consumers, increasingly attentive to health and well-being, increasingly require safe and healthy vegan products.

NatIng's philosophy promotes natural ingredients not from any animal source or animal derivatives themselves.

Kosher Certification is the seal of approval that verifies the safety and control of ingredients. It is valid all over the world and promotes integration and compliance with hygiene and safety regulations with particular attention and commitment to the entire production chain. The Kosher certification process improves the traceability, purity and quality of raw materials.

IFS (International Food Standard) is an international standard that guarantees safety and compliance of raw materials with contractual specifications and legal requirements. It is an international food certification that ensures the quality and safety of food products.

GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) sets the unique international standards on food safety with increased access to the global market. This certification guarantees the protection and integrity of the raw material with fewer food risks globally.

Halal is a certification of quality, supply chain and product: a safety tracked in all phases such as study, formulation development, control and marketing in food, nutritional, chemical-pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors. Products that meet these requirements are deemed to comply with the ethical-religious and health standards of Islamic law and are therefore marketed.