Nating concentrates all its production in Italy at a plant with a current surface area of 4,000 square metres. An annual production potential of 300-500 tonnes of vegetable raw material which, when transformed, is equivalent to about 200-300 ton/year of plant extracts, whether dried, granulated, fluid or glyceric. Plant extracts for the food, nutraceutical, dietary and cosmetic markets.

The central body of the plant is fully insulated and represents the true productive fulcrum, the “core” of Nating: here you can find the exclusive line of Professional Climatic Rooms (PCR®).

A production area consisting of air-conditioned rooms with connecting corridors, temporary transit zones and a control system, in which the production plants are located. The raw materials that converge on the plant are subject to strictly controlled selection to avoid contamination from the external environment and the area in which they are stored is fully separated and detached from the production core.