Made by NatIng is the highest expression of the Made in Italy brand: NatIng starts with raw materials and ends with the packaged finished extract now ready to be sold. Its total control of the supply chain starts from the choice of which fields are to be cultivated.

The raw materials are then sent to NatIng production plant, which has been designed to allow isolation of the compartments of the different areas in question. A controlled and fully guaranteed supply chain at every single step, a selection of raw materials which are cultivated and processed in Italy, a synergistic dedication to Research and Development that involves collaboration with universities and established working methods: NatIng is the expression of the vivacity and entrepreneurial ability that have made the Made in Italy brand the most sought-after brand in the world.



At NatIng, customer is at the heart of all its work. This approach is determined by three fundamental guarantees: safety, quality and sustainability.

Nature provides the raw material, NatIng guarantees the skill, the ability, the knowledge and the capacity to extract, work and transform it.

NatIng’s philosophy responds to the new structures brought about by globalization and the evolution of technologies and markets, based on the concept of a dynamic culture: to offer tailor-made solutions in line with a flexible and ever-changing environment.


Fully aware of the current global situation, NatIng focuses on reducing its environmental impact, with an increasing reduction of energy consumption, as well as the enhancement of local skills.

The new emerging markets, demographic and climate change, the increasing scarcity of resources and the necessary drive towards technological innovation are the challenges on which NatIng bases its objectives in the medium and long term.

NatIng maintains and increases its competitiveness by focusing on integrating the latest technologies and on constant reconfiguring and flexibility in its production.

To increase in environmental sustainability, with the enhancement of local skills, NatIng has focused on promoting organic agriculture and choosing underutilized pseudo cereals crops such amaranth and buckwheat to develop special carriers for nutraceutical and functional food industry



NatIng DEFS® (Dynamic Enhancer Flow System) is the activating process of the total phytocomplex of NatIng plant extracts. The vegetative parts are activated under certain conditions and strictly defined parameters, releasing the phytonutrients found in NatIng products.

The particular and unique DEFS® production process taps into and draws inspiration from fermentation methods and ultrasound technology, which are supplemented by NatIng’s rigorous standardized controls using sensors assisted by monitoring devices (pressure, temperature, pH) and systematic control of the plant extraction process.

The NatIng DEFS® method brings to NatIng plant extracts the presence of macro and microelements, macronutrients and essential trace elements typical of a healthy diet, as evidenced by recent guidelines and scientific research. NatIng therefore produces natural ingredients with high impact and health, nutraceutical and food value.



The quality of a company and its products is based on the quality of its approach to its work. NatIng supports and promotes internal collaborations and developments with universities, scientific environments specializing in the food and nutrition sectors. The production segment combines the highest quality of raw materials with the strictest control of processes and the entire supply chain, with a capillary attention to all the links in the chain.