NatIng's philosophy was born with
Made in Italy

Starting from the raw materials up to the finished extracts, ready to be sold.
The control of the supply chain begins with the choice of the fields to cultivate and subsequently the raw materials are sent to NatIng production plant, designed to allow the compartments of the various areas involved. Thanks to the total control of the supply chain, to the selection of raw materials grown and processed in Italy, to the collaboration with the most prestigious Italian universities, medical studies and to the consolidated knowledge of extraction methods, NatIng represents Made in Italy, a world-class excellence.

NatIng internally supports and promotes collaborations and developments with university scientific bodies specialized in the food and nutrition sectors for the development of extracts and the implementation of efficacy studies, both in vitro and in vivo.
The production combines very high-quality raw materials with the full control of the processes, with widespread attention to all the links in the chain. Science, Health and Nature mix to generate a positive impact on people’s health and on the environment.


Safety, Quality and Sustainability are essential values for the company. Nature knows how to supply raw materials of great excellence, NatIng’s ability lies in knowing how to transform them in the best possible way, guaranteeing a quality based on knowledge of the ingredients and the ability to know how to extract and process them.

NatIng’s philosophy responds to the needs of the market, which is constantly evolving from a technological and globalization point of view. NatIng aims to be a dynamic reality to offer tailor-made solutions for each specific customer request.

The new emerging markets, demographic and climate change, the ever-increasing scarcity of resources and the necessary drive towards technological innovation are the challenges on which NatIng bases its medium and long-term objectives.

NatIng maintains and increases its competitiveness by focusing on the integration of latest generation technologies and on constant reconfiguration and production flexibility.

Fully aware of the current global contingency, NatIng operates in the name of a progressive increase in environmental sustainability, with a growing reduction in energy consumption, also through the enhancement of territorial skills.

Combining 100% organic ingredients with cutting-edge production processes is the key to the truth WELL BEING. Authentic, genuine, natural.
In this regard, NatIng has focused on the promotion of organic farming and on the choice of underused pseudocereal crops such as amaranth and buckwheat, developing ingredients for the food and nutraceutical industry.